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Dave came and spoke to our students in Grade 5 to 7. By the end of the presentation, we all felt like we were good friends with him! Dave’s presentation had our students (and staff) totally captivated.  His story is inspiring and he has such a natural way about him as he speaks, interjecting humour and relating to our students in such a way that they left inspired, entertained, pumped, still deep in thought (and wondering whether they were cats or dogs).  I don’t know when I’ve seen our students so fully attentive to a presentation!  It’s one they will long remember…..we all will!  - Derek McCracken, Principal at Topham Elementary, Langley BC.

“Dave shared his incredible story with the HD Stafford Middle School community in Langley.  Dave made an immediate impact and demonstrated his ability to connect with students and staff alike.  Several staff members as well as students remarked that the way in which Dave delivered his message and his interaction with the audience was one of the best guest speaking experiences within a school environment.  We look forward to his visit for the follow-up Skate Jam next month.  I would recommend Dave to any middle or secondary school – his message is one that you will never forget!” - Carla Clapton, Leadership Teacher at HD Stafford Middle School, Langley BC.

"We had Dave come in to speak to our students at our opening assembly. I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with his ability to connect with our students. He had 1400 students hanging on every word and was incredibly effective with his delivery and ability to weave humour and heartbreak to tell his story. His message is incredibly relevant and reinforced the work that we do every day with our students." - Steve Roos, Vice Principal of Riverside Secondary School, Coquitlam BC.


Dave recently spoke at Mercy Canada, a residential counseling program for young adult women who struggle with life controlling issues such as; eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, sex trafficking,  anxiety, depression or an unplanned pregnancy to name a few. Dave has the ability to engage with humor and quick wit while communicating intensely his value of living a life of love and gratitude. Many of our residents enjoyed him and said they would love to have him come back. Several staff commented on what a powerful message he delivered in a relatable way! I would highly recommend him. - Nicola Bartel,  Executive Director, Mercy Canada

"When I heard Dave’s story, I knew I had to get him for an “Aberrican Me” on the It is by far one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard. He is just an amazing individual and his outlook on life and skateboarding blows my mind! This isn’t the last thing you’re going to hear of Dave Jonsson, that’s for sure!" - Steve Berra, Professional Skateboarder & Owner of

"Dave was tremendous! He made such connection with the youth. He brought energy and enthusiasm to the crowd and allowed for them to connect to him and his story! He is a must have for all schools!" - Adam Hayes, Leadership Teacher at Gleneagle Secondary School, Coquitlam BC.

"Dave came as a highly recommended speaker and he did not disappoint! He presented to our students here at Samuel Roberts Secondary, and after his presentation, many of our students told me how they were very energized and inspired by his story!" - Mike Keenan, Principal of Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary School, Maple Ridge BC.

"Dave inspired our youth and was incredibly engaging. His heart for this generation was so evident and the kids simply loved him!" - Joel Feddersen, Founder & Manager of RUSH Conference.

Dave’s stories are both universal and personal, his message touches all of us.  He is able to both entertain and capture the attention of middle school students.  Themes of learning to love others and being loved; living our lives intentionally and with pride; recognizing that each of us has gifts and talents to share with our community; are serious and heavy.  But Dave addresses them with humour, humility and honesty.  His vulnerability allows all of us to reflect on our own lives. Elspeth Anjos, Teacher at Como Lake Middle School, Coquitlam BC.

"As a youth recreation worker, I have been given the opportunity to witness Dave Jonsson speak and connect with youth. Dave has the natural ability to engage an audience and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves. He really is a true inspiration!" - Carissa Keenan, Manager at Greg Moore Youth Centre

“It was fun watching Dave's words and actions speak into the lives of these youth! Dave is a very competent speaker who, even at a young age, has the life experience to speak to people at any age.  I felt very encouraged to be a part of that week!" - Rob Laluk, Camplife Director at Esperenza Youth Camp.